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SPECIES Microtus (Terricola) lusitanicus

Author:Gerbe, 1879.
Citation:Rev. Mag. Zool. Paris, Ser. 3, 7: 44.
Common Name:Lusitanian Pine Vole
Type Locality:Portugal.
Distribution:Portugal, N and C Spain (Brunet-Lecomte, 1991; Castien and Gosalbez, 1992), and SW France.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Terricola, duodecimcostatus species group (Chaline et al., 1988). Graf (1982) and Chaline and Graf (1988) apparently used mariae for this species, which reflected Winking’s (1976) opinion in separating the latter from M. duodecimcostatus; Niethammer (1982j) explained the priority of lusitanicus. Chromosomal data reviewed by Zima and Kral (1984a). Morphometric analyses of variation within M. lusitanicus and multivariate contrasts with M. duodecimcostatus and-or M. gerbii conducted by Spitz (1978) and Mathias (1996). Brunet-Lecomte and Povoas (1993) successfully separated isolated molars of M. lusitanicus and M. duodecimcostatus using morphometric analyses of extant and Upper Palaeolithic-Neolithic samples in C Portugal. The fossorial M. lusitanicus is an adept swimmer (Giannoni et al., 1993), like its fossorial relative M. duodecimcostatus (Giannoni et al., 1994), an ability facilitating dispersal in mountainous habitats dissected by numerous streams.



    depressus (Miller, 1908)
    gerritmilleri Kretzoi, 1958
    hurdanensis (Agacino, 1938)
    mariae Major, 1905
    pelandonius (Miller, 1908)

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