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SPECIES Microtus (Mynomes) canicaudus

Author:Miller, 1897.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 11: 67.
Common Name:Gray-tailed Vole
Type Locality:USA, Oregon, Polk Co., Willamette Valley, McCoy.
Distribution:Willamette Valley, NW Oregon (Verts and Carraway, 1998:Fig. 11-111) and adjacent Washington, USA.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Mynomes. Reduced to a subspecies of M. montanus by Hall and Kelson (1951); resurrected to specific status based on karyotypic and electrophoretic evidence (Hsu and Johnson, 1970; Johnson, 1968; Modi, 1986). Sibling species to M. montanus (Hoffmann and Koeppl, 1985; Modi, 1986, 1987; Zagorodnyuk, 1990) or to M. townsendii (Conroy and Cook, 2000a; Conroy et al., 2001). See Verts and Carraway (1987, Mammalian Species, 267).



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