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SPECIES Microtus (Terricola) bavaricus

Author:Konig, 1962.
Citation:Senckenberg. Biol., 43: 2.
Common Name:Bavarian Pine Vole
Type Locality:Germany, Bavarian Alps, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 730 m.
Distribution:Germany, Bavarian Alps (N margin of E Alps at type locality and across the border in Tyrol region of Austria; Haring et al., 2000; Konig, 1982).
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:Subgenus Terricola, subterraneus species group sensu Chaline et al. (1988) and Pavlinov et al. (1995a). Taxonomic history reviewed by Haring et al. (2000) and Spitzenberger et al. (2000). The morphological separation of bavaricus from its close relatives, M. multiplex and M. liechtensteini, was confirmed by Spitzenberger et al. (2000) in a multivariate analysis of m1s. In another morphometric analysis of m1s, M. bavaricus (only three teeth) was phenetically closest to M. tatricus (Brunet-Lecomte and Nadachowski, 1998), but phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences (mitochondrial control region, CR) discounts close affinity with M. tatricus (Haring et al., 2000) and instead allies M. bavaricus with M. liechtensteini (see account). Microtus bavaricus is extinct at the type locality (Haring et al., 2000; Spitzenberger et al., 2000), but still lives in the N Tyrol region of the Alps in E Austria (Haring et al., 2000).



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