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SPECIES Microtus (See comments.) abbreviatus

Author:Miller, 1899.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 13: 13.
Common Name:Insular Vole
Type Locality:USA, Alaska, Bering Sea, Hall Isl.
Distribution:Hall and St. Matthew Isls, Bering Sea (Alaska, USA).
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:An insular relative of M. miurus of the Alaskan mainland, generally retained as a species (Fedyk, 1970; Jones et al., 1997; Rausch and Rausch, 1968) but separate status questioned (Conroy and Cook, 2000a). Also see accounts of M. gregalis and M. miurus.



    fisheri Merriam, 1900

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