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SPECIES Ellobius (Ellobius) tancrei

Author:Blasius, 1884.
Citation:Zool. Anz., 7: 197.
Common Name:Eastern Mole Vole
Type Locality:Kazakhstan, Zaysan Lake Valley, Kendyrlik (= Przevalskoie).
Distribution:E Turkmenistan (Yakimenko and Lyapunova, 1986; Marochkina, 1996) and Uzbekistan, east through E Kazakhstan, to Mongolia and adjacent China in NW Xinjiang, Nei Mongol, N Shaanxi, N Gansu, and Ningxia (Zhang et al., 1997, as E. talpinus).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Corbet (1978c) included tancrei in E. talpinus, but the former is morphologically and chromosomally distinct and its geographic range is allopatric to that of E. talpinus (see Corbet, 1984; Pavlinov and Rossolimo, 1987; Yakimenko and Lyapunova, 1986). Chromosomal contrasts with E. talpinus reported by Yakimenko and Lyapunova (1986) and with E. alaicus by Lyapunova et al. (1990). This species has a 2n = 32-54, with an XX sex chromosome combination in both males and females, and like E. lutescens, has lost its Y chromosome (Just et al., 1995; Vogel, 1998).



    albicatus Thomas, 1912
    coenosus Thomas, 1912
    fusciceps Thomas, 1909
    fuscipes Vinogradov, 1936
    kastschenkoi Thomas, 1912
    larvatus G. M. Allen, 1924
    ognevi Dukelsky, 1927
    orientalis G. M. Allen, 1924
    ursulus Thomas, 1912

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