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SPECIES Alticola (Alticola) roylei

Author:Gray, 1842.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. [ser. 1], 10: 265.
Common Name:Royle’s Mountain Vole
Type Locality:India, Kumaon.
Distribution:W Himalayas, 2600-3900 m, from Kulu Valley in Himachal Pradesh to N Kumaon in Uttar Pradesh, N India (Agrawal, 2000).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Subgenus Alticola. Once considered the broadest-ranging species of Alticola in central Asia, encompassing A. argentatus and many of its synonyms (Corbet, 1978c; Ellerman, 1961; Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951). With removal of the latter (Rossolimo, 1989; Rossolimo and Pavlinov, 1992), the geographic and morphological definition of A. roylei conforms to that presented by Hinton (1926a) and Ellerman (1941).



    cautus Hinton, 1926

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