Welcome to Adieu Saigon, Au Revoir Hanoi: The 1943 Vacation Diary of Claudie Beaucarnot.

This web site will not only allow you to retrace the journey Claudie Beaucarnot took in 1943 with her family through French colonial Indochina, it will also allow you to learn more about historical and contemporary Vietnam. This version is a rough draft, launched to elicit commentary from a larger public. Suggestions and comments about the site, all deeply appreciated, should be sent to Eventually, this site will hopefully be available in French and Vietnamese.

Navigating this site is simple. Simply click on the links below to go to the various sections of the site. Most importantly, clicking “Navigating the Digital Journey” will take you to a digitized map through which you can take all or parts of the journey Claudie Beaucarnot took in 1943 as well as the journey California Lutheran University students took to retrace Claudie’s journey during Summer 2004. You can also find a great deal of information about Claudie Beaucarnot, French colonial Indochina, and doing historical research.

Beyond its intrinsic value as a historical document -- for there are very few primary sources in translation concerning French Indochina -- this site is an effort to promote articulated learning, an educational approach by which students learn about particular topics holistically by combining rigorous classroom training with field experience.

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