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Miller Run
Miller Run is the stream flowing from Bucknell's golf course through campus to Bull Run near St. George Street. In his Focus the Nation speech (January 2008), President Mitchell promised to restore Miller Run, in order to improve storm water runoff and collection. Students will develop a restoration plan which will be given to the Campus Master Planning Group with suggestions for specific management opportunities.
Bull Run
Bull Run is a stream flowing through downtown Lewisburg that has been heavily impacted by urbanization and channelization. The course will investigate the impact of urbanization and discuss potential ideas for restoration.
White Deer Creek
The class will monitor the performance of a 2007 restoration project in White Deer Creek, a few miles north of Lewisburg. This site includes several in-stream structures and a significant embankment stabilization. The class will be working with the Union County Conservation District.
Lycoming Creek
Lycoming Creek is on the Appalachian Plateau and is a major tributary to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. It represents an example of a forested watershed that was heavily impacted by logging a century ago. Its channel is still responding to adjustments related to the logging and reforestation.
Loyalsock Creek
The class will visit a major restoration site in a forested tributary and assess the impact of hurricane Ivan, as well as other floods, on the structures.
Muncy Creek
We have been studying a restoration project at the Gavitt site on Muncy Creek which was totally destroyed by the Hurricane Ivan flood in 2004 and subsequently reconstructed. Students will participate in resurveying the site and assessing its performance. We will also visit a larger restoration project in progress in the upper portion of Muncy Creek.
North Carolina

In January 2008, Jerry Miller (Western Carolina University) and Craig Kochel (Bucknell University) completed a four year project for the state of North Carolina to evaluate and assess the performance of about 400 stream restoration sites across the state. Students will learn the results of this comprehensive study and how it relates to predicting the success of stream restoration projects in Pennsylvania.


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This initiative is funded in large part by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.