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SPECIES Rattus fuscipes

Author:Waterhouse, 1839.
Citation:Zool. Voy. H.M.S. "Beagle," Mammalia: 66.
Common Name:Australian Bush Rat
Type Locality:Australia, Western Australia, Albany, "Little Grove" on Princess Royal Harbor, 4 mi (6 km) S Mt Melville (as restricted by neotype designation by Taylor and Horner, 1973; also see Mahoney and Richardson, 1988).
Distribution:Coastal, subcoastal, and offshore islands of SW Western Australia; S coast from Eyre Peninsula in South Australia (Robinson et al., 2000) to W Victoria; coastal and subcoastal Victoria from Otway Peninsula north to near Rockhampton in Queensland; coastal Queensland from Townsville to Cooktown (Lunney, 1995a:652; Seebeck, 1995c:225; Taylor and Horner, 1973:15).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Rattus fuscipes species group. Taylor and Horner (1973) suggested, on morphological grounds, that the Queensland population of R. fuscipes (coracius) has a common ancestry with Queensland R. leucopus, a hypothesis reasserted by Taylor et al. (1982, 1983). This relationship, however, is unsupported by either chromosomal (Dennis and Menzies, 1978) or allozymic data (Baverstock et al., 1983a, 1986). Reviewed by Taylor and Horner (1973), Watts and Aslin (1981), Mahoney and Richardson (1988), and Lunney (1995a). See Taylor and Calaby (1988a, Mammalian Species, 298). The name manicatus was included in the synonymy of Rattus fuscipes by Taylor and Horner (1973), but listed as incertae sedis by Mahoney and Richardson (1988:192).
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    assimilis (Gould, 1858)
    brazenori Tate, 1940
    coracius Thomas, 1923
    glauerti Thomas, 1926
    greyii (Gray, 1841)
    manicatus (Gould, 1858)
    mondraineus Thomas, 1921
    murrayi Thomas, 1923
    peccatus Troughton, 1937
    pelori Finlayson, 1960
    ravus Brazenor, 1936

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