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GENUS Micaelamys

Author:Ellerman, 1941.
Citation:Families and Genera of Living Rodents, 2: 170.
Type Species:Mus granti Wroughton, 1908.
Comments:AethomysDivision. Formerly included in Aethomys as a subgenus, but a variety of data sets ranging from morphological to molecular indicate the two species discussed below belong in a monophyletic group, Micaelamys, separate from that containing species of Aethomys (see generic account of Aethomys). References cited in the following accounts treated granti and namaquensis as species of Aethomys. Including Micaelamys with Aethomys in the same Division is provisional. In phylogenetic analyses of mtDNA cytochrome b sequences, Aethomys (represented by A. chrysophilus and A. kaiseri) is closest to Grammomys, while Micaelamys (M. namaquensis) joins other African genera depending on the analyses (Castiglia et al., 2003b; Ducroz et al., 2001). Phylogenetic analyses employing a broader sampling of not only species in Aethomys but of endemic African murine genera using molecular, chromosomal, and morphological data sets may resolve the phylogenetic relationships of Aethomys and Micaelamys. Evolutionary history as documented by fossils extends back to the late Pliocene of South Africa ("A. cf. namaquensis"; Denys, 1990c), and Pleistocene of Namibia ("Micaelamys"; Senut et al., 1992).
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