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SPECIES Maxomys dollmani

Author:Ellerman, 1941.
Citation:Families and Genera of Living Rodents, 2: 218.
Common Name:Dollman’s Sulawesi Maxomys
Type Locality:Indonesia, C Sulawesi, Quarles Mtns, Rantekaroa, 6000 ft (1830 m).
Distribution:Type locality and Gunung Tanke Salokko in the SE peninsula of Sulawesi; known only from high elevations in montane forests of the SE peninsula and S region of the C core of the island.
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Originally described by Ellerman as a subspecies of Rattus hellwaldii, but shown to be a distinct species by Musser (1969c), and morphologically allied to M. hellwaldii (Musser, 1991). Maxomys dollmani is scansorial and a smaller-bodied version of an undescribed species collected from cool and wet primary forest in the mountains of C Sulawesi between 854 and 1460 m. That new species is sympatric with M. hellwaldii in the lower part of its altitudinal range and occurs with M. musschenbroekii throughout the altitudinal distribution. The geographic pattern exhibited by the C highlands species and M. dollmani (the former in the C core of the island, the latter on the SE peninsula and S portion of the C core) is common to some sets of species in Taeromys and the Rattus xanthurus Group (see those accounts).
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