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SPECIES Leopoldamys milleti

Author:Robinson and Kloss, 1922.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 9, 9: 94.
Common Name:Millets Leopoldamys
Type Locality:S Vietnam, Lm Dng Province, Langbian Mtns (= Lam Vien Plateau), D Lat, 5000 ft (1524 m).
Distribution:Documented only from the Langbian highlands in the D Lat region; limits unresolved.
Comments:Originally described as "a remarkably distinct race" of Rattus edwardsi (Robinson and Kloss, 1922:94) and retained as such whether edwardsi was associated with Rattus or Leopoldamys (Corbet and Hill, 1992; Ellerman, 1941; Musser, 1981b; Musser and Carleton, 1993; Osgood, 1932). The few representatives of milleti, however, contrast with L. edwardsi by their very dark dorsal pelage and larger bullae. Robinson and Kloss (1922:94) noted that color and pelage texture of the holotype "suggested relationship with the bowersi [= Berylmys] group of rats," and a recently trapped specimen was initially identified by the collector as a possible new species of Berylmys (examined by Musser). Recognizing milleti as a species highlights its distinctive morphology and zoogeographic distribution. The nature of its relationship to the northern Leopoldamys edwards and Sundaic L. ciliatus requires resolution by revision of the L. edwardsi complex employing morphological and molecular data sets. The murine Rattus osgoodi is also recorded only from the Langbian highlands (see that account), and Maxomys moi occurs there, but its range also extends to nearby S Laos and the Vietnamese highlands north of the Langbian Plateau (to Qung Tri Province).
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