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GENUS Hydromys

Author:E. Geoffroy, 1804.
Citation:Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris, 3(93): 353.
Type Species:Hydromys chrysogaster E. Geoffroy, 1804.
Comments:HydromysDivision. Member of the Australian and New Guinea Old Endemics (Musser, 1981c). Considered an Australian member of a restricted Hydromyini by Baverstock (1984), not the more inclusive Hydromyini of Watts and Baverstock (1994a). Analysis of allozymic variation supported a weak link between H. chrysogaster and Xeromys (Baverstock et al., 1981), but albumin immunology (Watts and Baverstock, 1994a, 1996) and spermatozoal morphology (Breed and Aplin, 1994; Breed, 1997), using H. chrysogaster, strongly allied Hydromys with New Guinea Parahydromys, and the Australian Leggadina, and placed the three in a larger clade containing members of our Xeromys, Pseudomys, and Uromys Divisions, which Watts and Baverstock (1994a) defined as the Hydromyini (or "Australasian clade") to the exclusion of strictly New Guinea species in our Pogonomys Division (Anisomyini of Watts and Baverstock, 1994a) and Lorentzimys Division. However, analyses of multiple mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences indicate Leggadina to be closer to a Pseudomys/Notomys clade than to Hydromys (F. Ford, in litt., 2004; see Leggadina account). Comparisons with Neotropical ichthyomyines made by Voss (1988). Flannery (1990b, 1995a) provided photographs and distributional and biological summaries of species. Phallic morphology of H. chrysogaster and H. habbema described by Lidicker (1968). Mahoney (1968) explained why Baiyankamys is a synonym of Hydromys.
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SPECIES chrysogaster

SPECIES habbema

SPECIES hussoni

SPECIES neobritannicus

SPECIES shawmayeri


    Baiyankamys Hinton, 1943

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