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SPECIES Bullimus gamay

Author:Rickart, Heaney, and Tabaranza, Jr., 2002.
Citation:J. Mammal., 83: 427.
Common Name:Camiguin Bullimus
Type Locality:Philippines, Camiguin Isl, Camiguin Province, Mt Timpoong, 2 km N, 6.5 km W Mahinog, 1275 m, 0911' N/12443' E.
Distribution:Endemic to Camiguin Isl in the Bohol Sea, 8 km north of NC Mindanao; found in remaining forests on the island, 900-1475 m.
Comments:Each of the other species of Bullimus is endemic to one of the great Pleistocene land masses. Although adjacent to Mindanao Isl, Camiguin Isl is not part of the Greater Mindanao land mass of the Pleistocene (Rickart et al., 2002). Isolated by a deep-water channel, it remained separate from Mindanao during Pleistocene sea level fluctuations. Bullimus gamay is a member of a rich mammalian fauna native to Camiguin of which 19 also occur on Mindanao: "proximity to a large island with a rich fauna (Mindanao) has allowed some colonization to occur, but isolation by deep water has been sufficient to promote speciation among some non-volant mammals" (Rickart et al., 2002). Presumably B. gamay is more closely related to B. bagobus, the species on Mindanao and other islands once part of Pleistocene Greater Mindanao, than to B. luzonicus, which is endemic to Pleistocene Greater Luzon. An undescribed species of Apomys is the only other murine endemic to Camiguin Isl (Heaney and Tabaranza, Jr., ms).
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