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SPECIES Nyctomys sumichrasti

Author:Saussure, 1860.
Citation:Rev. Mag. Zool. Paris, ser. 2, 12: 107.
Common Name:Sumichrast’s Vesper Rat
Type Locality:Mexico, Veracruz, Uvéro, 20 km NW Santiago Tuxtla (as restricted by Alvarez, 1963:583).
Distribution:Lowland and lower montane forests from S Jalisco and S Veracruz, Mexico, south to C Panama, excluding the Yucatán Peninsula.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Nongoegraphic variation of Nicaraguan sample evaluated by Genoways and Jones (1972b); specimens from Michoacán documented by Sánchez-Hernández et al. (1999). Standard and banded karyotypes described by Lee and Elder (1977) and Haiduk et al. (1988), respectively. No current revisionary standard available. Based on examination of USNM series, populations can be sorted according to concordant variation in carotid circulatory pattern and molar-root number: those to the north and west of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (sumichrasti, pallidulus) possess a complete pattern and three-rooted M2; whereas, those farther south and east of the Isthmus (costaricensis, decolorus, florencei, nitellinus, venustulus) exhibit a derived carotid condition and four-rooted M2. The existence of a geographic pattern should be confirmed with larger series, especially samples from Chiapas and Guatemala (salvini), and its taxonomic significance explored with other data sources.
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    colimensis Laurie, 1953
    costaricensis Goldman, 1937
    decolorus (True, 1894)
    florencei Goldman, 1937
    nitellinus Bangs, 1902
    pallidulus Goldman, 1937
    salvini (Tomes, 1862)
    venustulus Goldman, 1916

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