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SPECIES Oligoryzomys microtis

Author:J. A. Allen, 1916.
Citation:Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 35: 525.
Common Name:Small-eared Colilargo
Type Locality:Brazil, Amazonas State, north bank of lower Rio Solimões, 70 km WSW Manaus, Manacaparú (as restricted by Voss et al., 2001:118-119).
Distribution:Amazon Basin of Brazil and contiguous lowlands of Perú, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Karyotype reported by Gardner and Patton (1976) as Oryzomys longicaudatus variant (2) for Peruvian sample; slightly different diploid and fundamental numbers documented for specimens from Amapá, Brazil (Andrades-Miranda et al., 2001a). Gene sequence analyses indicate that O. microtis and O. fornesi represent separate species groups (Myers et al., 1995), not populations of a single species (Carleton and Musser, 1989; Olds and Anderson, 1987). With removal of fornesi from synonymy and fixation of the type locality, specific definition and distributional limits require amendment; also see Voss et al. (2001) for comparisons with O. fulvescens and comments on taxonomy.
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    chaparensis (Osgood, 1916)
    mattogrossae (J. A. Allen, 1916)

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