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SPECIES Anourosorex schmidi

Author:Petter, 1963.
Citation:Mammalia, 27: 444.
Common Name:Giant Mole Shrew
Type Locality:India, Arunachal Pradesh, Bombdila, 2700 m.
Distribution:NE India (Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh) and Bhutan.
Comments:Petter (1963) described this taxon as a subspecies of A. squamipes, a decision followed by most authors (Hutterer, 1993a; Mandal and Das, 1969; Motokawa and Lin, 2002). A study of the holotype (MNHN Paris) and the discovery (in FMNH Chicago) of another specimen from Sikkim however reveals that A. schmidi is a giant form that deserves species status. Saha (1978) reported a similarly sized specimen from Gomchu, Bhutan. This mole shrew has a very large skull (condylo-incisive length 29.1-30.5 mm) and a bulbous dentition not found in any other population. The species appears to be confined to the SE slopes of the Himalayas.



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