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SPECIES Lophuromys (Lophuromys) verhageni

Author:W. Verheyen, Hulselmans, Dierckx, and E. Verheyen, 2002.
Citation:Bull. Inst. Roy. Sci. Nat. Belgique, Biol., 72: 153.
Common Name:Verhagen’s Brush-furred Rat
Type Locality:N Tanzania, Mt. Meru, 2600 m (coordinates given by W. Verheyen et al., 2002).
Distribution:Endemic to Mt Meru, 2600-3050 m (see W. Verheyen et al., 2002).
Comments:Subgenus Lophuromys, L. aquilus species group (W. Verheyen et al., 2002). Defined by morphometric data and mtDNA cytochrome b sequences, and phylogenetically most closely related to L. aquilus.



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