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SPECIES Lophuromys (Kivumys) luteogaster

Author:Hatt, 1934.
Citation:Am. Mus. Novit., 708: 4.
Common Name:Buff-bellied Brush-furred Rat
Type Locality:Dem. Rep. Congo, Orientale (Haute-Zaire), Ituri Dist., Medje.
Distribution:NE and E Dem. Rep. Congo (Medje, Irangi, Bafwasende, and Tungula; Dieterlen, 1987); limits unknown.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Kivumys. W. Verheyen et al. (1996a:250) referred to a "L.woosnami-luteogaster species-complex." Redescribed by W. Verheyen (1964c), who noted that skull of holotype is an L. aquilus (discussed as flavopunctatus) but the skin does represent the species named by Hatt, and both skin and skull of the paratype are luteogaster; earlier, Osgood (1936:244) had identified the holotype as being a mismatch: "Although the skin is unique among Lophuromys, the skull is perfectly normal for a member of the aquilus group." Additional descriptions and references to this poorly known species were summarized by Dieterlen (1975, 1976b, 1987).



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