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SPECIES Lophuromys (Lophuromys) huttereri

Author:W. Verheyen, Colyn, and Hulselmans, 1996.
Citation:Bull. Inst. Roy. Sci. Nat. Belgique, Biol., 66: 255.
Common Name:Hutterer’s Brush-furred Rat
Type Locality:N Dem. Rep. Congo, near village of Yaenero on left side of Congo River, 450 m (see W. Verheyen et al., 1996a, for additional information).
Distribution:N Dem. Rep. Congo; equatorial lowland tropical rain forest between 300 and 450 m on left side of Congo River between Lualaba and Lomami Rivers, and west of the Lomami River to Ndele.
Comments:Subgenus Lophuromys; closely related to L. nudicaudus, which is found on the right side of the Congo River (see that account). Morphological and morphometric contrasts among L. huttereri, L. nudicaudus, and L. sikapusi documented by W. Verheyen et al. (1996a), who also mapped the distribution and discussed how the range of L. huttereri is concordant with the South-Central zoogeographic faunal region.



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