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SPECIES Cricetulus migratorius

Author:Pallas, 1773.
Citation:Reise Prov. Russ. Reichs., 2: 703.
Common Name:Gray Dwarf Hamster
Type Locality:W Kazakhstan, lower Ural River.
Distribution:SE Greece, NW Romania, SE Bulgaria, and S European Russia (Mitchell-Jones et al., 1999); eastwards through Kazakhstan to S Mongolia and N China (Xinjiang, Nei Mongol, Ningxia, Gansu, and Qinghai; Qin, 1991; Wang, 2003; Zhang et al., 1997); southwards through Turkey (Kryštufek and Vohralík, 2001; Osborn, 1965; Pamukoglu and Albayrak, 1996) and Transcaucasia to Israel (Mendelssohn and Yom-Tov, 1999; Qumsiyeh, 1996), Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran (Lay, 1967), Afghanistan (Hassinger, 1973), Pakistan (Roberts, 1977), and N India (Jammu and Kashmir; Agrawal, 2000).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Major compendia summarize the systematic biology of the species in Europe and Russia (Gromov and Erbajeva, 1995; Mitchell-Jones et al., 1999; Niethammer, 1982d). Allozymic variation between isabellinus from Kopet Dag Mtns and bellicosus from Ukranian steppes discussed by Mezhzherin (2001b). Cricetulus migratorius has occurred in the southern Levant since 80,000-70,000 years before present and apparently replaced two fossil species (recorded as Allocricetus), C. magnus (70,000-60,000 years before present) and C. jesreelicus (not recorded later than 120,000 years before present) (Tchernov, 1992, 1994, and cited references). See Zagordnyuk (1992b), for comments regarding scientific names applied to Ukranian samples.



    accedula (Pallas, 1779)
    arenarius (Pallas, 1773)
    atticus Nehring, 1902
    bellicosus Scharleman, 1915
    caesius Kashkarov, 1923
    cinerascens (Wagner, 1848)
    cinereus Kashkarov, 1926
    coerulescens (Severtzov, 1879)
    elisarjewi Afanasiev, 1953
    falzfeini Matschie, 1918
    fulvus (Blanford, 1875)
    griseiventris (Thomas, 1917)
    griseus (Kashkarov, 1923)
    isabellinus (de Filippi, 1865)
    murinus (Severtzov, 1876)
    myosurus Argyropulo, 1932
    neglectus Ognev, 1916
    ognevi Argyropulo, 1932
    ognevi Argyropulo, 1941
    pamirensis Ognev, 1923
    phaeus (Pallas, 1779)
    pulcher Ognev, 1924
    sviridenkoi Pidoplitschka, 1928
    tauricus Satunin, 1908
    vernula Thomas, 1917
    zvierezombi Pidoplitschka, 1928

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