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SPECIES Synaptomys (Synaptomys) cooperi

Author:Baird, 1857.
Citation:Mammalia in Repts. U.S. Expl. Surv., 8(1): 558.
Common Name:Southern Bog Lemming
Type Locality:USA, New Hampshire, Carroll Co., Jackson (as fixed by Bole and Moulthrop, 1942:146).
Distribution:Midwestern and E USA through SE Canada, including Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Isl; as far south as W North Carolina and NE Arkansas; outlying populations in SW Kansas, W Nebraska, and the Dismal Swamp region of SE Virginia-NE North Carolina.
Status:IUCN Extinct as S. c. paludis and S. c. relictus, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Synaptomys. Geographic diversification within the species evaluated by Wetzel (1955), who refined the subspecific arrangement. Geographic variation among populations in the C Great Plains studied by Wilson and Choate (1997), who retained subspecies defined within the region and commented upon the conservation status of the relictual races (paludis and relictus) isolated at the western margin of the species distribution; for new range reports and biogeographic discussion of populations (helaletes) at the eastern periphery of the species distribution, see Lee and Clark (1993) and Clark et al. (1993). Using landmark data, Courant et al. (1997) demonstrated stronger convergence in cranial shape between S. cooperi and surface dwelling voles like Myodes rather than its lemming relatives. See Linzey (1983, Mammalian Species, 210).



    fatuus Bangs, 1896
    gossii (Coues, 1877)
    helaletes Merriam, 1896
    jesseni Long, 1987
    kentucki Barbour, 1956
    paludis Hibbard and Rinker, 1942
    relictus Jones, 1958
    saturatus Bole and Moulthrop, 1942
    stonei Rhoads, 1893

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