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SPECIES Synaptomys (Mictomys) borealis

Author:Richardson, 1828.
Citation:Zool. J., 3: 517.
Common Name:Northern Bog Lemming
Type Locality:Canada, District of Mackenzie, Great Bear Lake, Fort Franklin.
Distribution:Patchy occurrence in boreal habitats, from Alaska to N Washington, USA, eastwards across much of interior Canada to Labrador; disjunct range segment from Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, to C New Hampshire, USA.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Subgenus Mictomys. Pleistocene records establish the species in the Great Basin, far to the south of its current range (see Mead et al., 1992).



    andersoni J. A. Allen, 1903
    artemisiae Anderson, 1932
    bullatus Preble, 1902
    chapmani J. A. Allen, 1903
    dalli Merriam, 1896
    innuitus (True, 1894)
    medioximus Bangs, 1900
    smithi Anderson and Rand, 1943
    sphagnicola Preble, 1899
    truei Merriam, 1896
    wrangeli Merriam, 1896

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