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SPECIES Microtus (Microtus) qazvinensis

Author:Golenishchev, 2003.
Citation:Russian J. Theriol., 1: 118.
Common Name:Qazvin Vole
Type Locality:Iran, Qazvin Prov., 65 km S Qazvin City, Bu’in-Zahra; 49º58′N, 35º39′E.
Distribution:Known only from the type locality, N Iran.
Comments:Subgenus Microtus, socialis species group (our allocation), or subgenus Sumeriomys (Golenishchev et al., 2002). A close relative of M. guentheri distinguished by pelage coloration, bacular morphology, and more complex occlusal pattern; F1 hybrids of M. guentheri and M. qazvinensis proved sterile (Golenishchev et al., 2002b). Relationship of M. qazvinensis to populations of M. guentheri will remain obscure until much-needed revision of the latter is available (see above account).



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