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SPECIES Microtus (Microtus) dogramacii

Author:Kefelioğlu and Kryštufek, 1999.
Citation:J. Nat. Hist., 33: 301.
Common Name:Doğramaci’s Vole
Type Locality:NC Turkey, Amasya, Suluova, Boyali köyü, 900 m; 35°36'E, 41°40'N)
Distribution:Recorded only from two places on the Anatolian Plateau, the type locality and near Konya in the south (Kefelioğlu and Kryštufek, 1999).
Comments:Subgenus Microtus, socialis species group. A distinctive species similar in body size and morphology to Turkish M. socialis but different in a combination of external and cranial proportions and in karyotype (2n = 48, FN = 46, 48, 50 in M. dogramacii; 2n and FN = 62 in M. socialis). Kefelioğlu and Kryštufek (1999) and Kryštufek and Kefelioğlu (2002) provided chromosomal, phenetic, and morphometric analyses that critically contrast M. dogramacii with M. anatolicus and Turkish M. socialis and M. guentherii. Çolak et al. (1997) identified M. irani from SE Turkey with 2n = 46; Kryštufek and Vohralík (2001) suggested that their sample may be close to M. dogramacii, which is chromosomally polymorphic.



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