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SPECIES Microtus (Microtus) anatolicus

Author:Kryštufek and Kefelioğlu, 2002.
Citation:Bonn. Zool. Beitr., 50: 8.
Common Name:Anatolian Vole
Type Locality:Turkey, Konya, Cihanbeyli, Yapali köyü.
Distribution:Known only from the type locality and vicinity.
Comments:Subgenus Microtus, socialis species group. When Kefelioğlu and Kryštufek (1999) first identified this 2n = 60 population, they refrained from designating it a new species until the characterization of M. irani was improved; such was later accomplished by Kryštufek and Kefelioğlu (2002), who described significant morphological traits that distinguish it from their new species, M. anatolicus (no chromosomal data are available for M. irani from its type locality). Microtus anatolicus is chromosomally close to Turkish samples of M. socialis (2n = 62, FN = 60), but Kryštufek and Kefelioğlu (2002) claimed that "categorical cranial differences provide strong evidence against restricting the new species to a merely Robertsonian population of M. socialis."



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