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SPECIES Dicrostonyx unalascensis

Author:Merriam, 1900.
Citation:Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci., 2: 25.
Common Name:Unalaska Collared Lemming
Type Locality:USA, Alaska, Umnak Isl.
Distribution:Umnak and Unalaska isls of Aleutian Archipelago, Alaska, USA.
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:Conventionally viewed as a form of D. groenlandicus (Hall, 1981; Hall and Cockrum, 1953; Jarrell and Fredga, 1993); retained as a species based on its distinctive pelage, craniodental form, and lack of specialized nival pelage and foreclaws, traits thought to be unique among Dicrostonyx (Gilmore, 1933; Musser and Carleton, 1993; Nelson, 1929; Rausch and Rausch, 1972). The most cranially divergent among the North American forms that Eger (1995) included in her morphometric analyses.



    stevensoni Nelson, 1929

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