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SPECIES Dicrostonyx nunatakensis

Author:Youngman, 1967.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 80: 31.
Common Name:Ogilvie Mountains Collared Lemming
Type Locality:Canada, Yukon Territory, Ogilvie Mtns, 20 mi (32 km) S Chapman Lake, 5500 ft (1646 m); 6435'N, 13813'W.
Distribution:Known only from the Ogilvie Mtns, NC Yukon Territory, Canada.
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:As remarked by Youngman (1967, 1975), this form contrasts markedly with nearby rubricatus and kilangmiutak (both = D. groenlandicus); tentatively retained as a species by Honacki et al. (1982), Musser and Carleton (1993), and Jones et al. (1997). The geographic isolation of this form, in rocky alpine tundra south of the High Arctic tunda zone, invites testing of refugial hypotheses using multiple data sets and applying a phylogeographic approach.



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