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SPECIES Dicrostonyx nelsoni

Author:Merriam, 1900.
Citation:Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci., 2: 25.
Common Name:Nelson’s Collared Lemming
Type Locality:USA, Alaska, Norton Sound, St. Michael.
Distribution:W Alaska and Alaska Peninsula, USA.
Status:IUCN – Data Deficient as D. exsul, Lower Risk (lc) as D. nelsoni.
Comments:Rausch and Rausch (1972) noted successful mating among F1 progeny of D. nelsoni and collared lemmings on St. Lawrence Isl (exsul), while Jarrell and Fredga (1993) reported meiotic incompatibility and reduced fertility between stocks of D. nelsoni and rubricatus (= D. groenlandicus). In view of the complex appearance of Beringia refugia in space and time and the possibility of isolation from northern or southern stocks (e.g., see MacDonald and Cook, 1996), the homogeneity of populations in western Alaska (D. nelsoni) and those of D. groenlandicus should be empirically demonstrated, including samples from Beringean landbridge islands (exsul and D. vinogradovi), the Alaska Peninsula (peninsulae), and Aleutian chain (D. unalascensis).



    exsul G. M. Allen, 1919
    peninsulae Handley, 1953

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