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SPECIES Alticola (Aschizomys) macrotis

Author:Radde, 1862.
Citation:Reise in den Suden von Ost-Sibierien, 1: 196.
Common Name:Large-eared Mountain Vole
Type Locality:Russia, S Siberia, S Krasnoyarsk Krai, Vostochnyy Sayan Mtns.
Distribution:Altai of extreme NW Xinjiang and S Siberia, eastward through Tuvinskaya (Tuva region) and Sayan Mtns, to highlands in Lake Baikal region.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Aschizomys. Closely related to the northern A. lemminus (see above), and either not allocated to subgenus (Ellerman, 1941), placed it in the subgenus Alticola (Ognev, 1964), or considered under the subgenus Aschizomys (Gromov and Erbajeva, 1995; Gromov and Polyakov, 1977; Pavlinov and Rossolimo, 1987). Galkina and Epifantseva (1988) described fetisovi as species, but others have included it in A. macrotis or considered its status unclear (Vasil’eva, 1999); Pavlinov et al. (1995a) and Pavlinov and Rossolimo (1998) persuasively treated fetisovi as a synonym. Chromosomal variation reported by Bolshakov et al. (1985).



    altaica Vinogadov, 1933
    fetisovi Galkina and Epifantseva, 1988
    vinogradovi Rasorenova, 1933

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