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Course Description:
Introduction to evolutionary theory, systematic biology, physiological ecology, behavioral ecology, population and community ecology, and ecosystem structure and function. Fourth Biology core course, life-science core course for Environmental Studies, and foundation course for Animal Behavior.

Academic Responsibility:
We expect that every student has read and understood Bucknell’s academic-honesty policy, and also the technological-use policy. We expect strict adherence to both of these policies. Each student will need to carefully prepare assignments, laboratory reports, and debate materials with these issues in mind. If there are any questions throughout the semester, please ask one of the instructors BEFORE any assignment is submitted.

Class attendance for every lecture and laboratory is expected as is stated in the Bucknell University Student Handbook. Each student should be prepared for lecture and laboratory by reading the assigned materials before class. Failure to adequately prepare for class will adversely affect students’ performance in the course. Cell phones must be turned off on entering the classroom and kept off for the duration of class. The instructors reserve the right to deduct from the final grades for participation for cell phone use (including texting) during any class activities.

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