Linguistics 110 * Sentences and Dialects
Second Chance Sociolinguistics (ARO)

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Complete the following exerices either on-line or by printing this page out WITHOUT THE USE OF NOTES, BOOKS, OR FRIENDS. To do so, you will have to have a computer with the LN 105 fonts installed. If you do not have one, you may use those in the computer labs in Taylor 204 or Rooke 17. BE SURE TO (RE)START THE MACHINES IN EITHER LAB IN WINDOWS 95 MODE!

  1. Identification

    Describe the following ten concepts in 2-3 sentences, providing examples where relevant.

    1. Argot.

    2. Taboo.

    3. Palatal.

    4. Front vowel.

    5. Sonorant.

    6. Sociolect

    7. Linguistic drift.

    8. Creole.

    9. Schwa.

    10. Relexification.

  2. Phonetics

    Convert the following passages, written in IPA, into the English sentences using the Latin alphabet.

    1. s z rtn soolwstk kzrsajz fr dnl krdt tkn baj kmpjutr

    2. skwiki gets gt but vri tajm ju opn r kloz m

    3. it / wawen for

  3. Dialects

    Identify the following dialects by pulling down the menu and selecting the correct name. Next transliterate each sentence word-for-word (do not translate words).

    1. jl tiu f tu f ju s mi mm

    2. j dn ljk lyks krk bj yan lox

    3. majk faj n baabi majt n wil b fan

    4. iz sw njs t hjm ajv njn t mr hr

    5. pipl no laik tek om fo go wok

    6. d ojli bojd gits d wojm wj aj km frm

    7. wi knt wak kaz z kak v stam kamn ap

    8. azdr ovr yandr zowr dawgr majn

    9. st tro mi ovr d fns sm moz wns

    10. ma br wawnts a kwawd t wk hij tdej