Copying Content from One Blackboard Course To Another: Copying Course Documents and Folders

When choosing what procedure to use to copy content from one course you have taught (or are teaching) to another, you need to think about how much content you are actually copying. If you need to carry over most of the documents in an area of your course (for example, much of the Course Materials section) or an "External Links" content area that you created, it would be much faster to use the Copy Entire (or Multiple) Sections of One Course to Another instructions. That procedure allows you to copy one or more course areas from one Blackboard course to another, including tests, surveys, gradebook settings, etc. If you want to copy just a few documents or folders from one course you are teaching to another, then it makes more sense to use the procedure we describe below.

  1. Log in to Blackboard (opens in new window).

  2. If you want to copy materials from a course taught in a previous semester, then it's possible that that "source" course won't be displayed in the My Courses box on the main My Blackboard page. If necessary, scroll down until you see the Course List box area on the main page, which lists all the courses presently on the server with which you are associated:

    My Blackboard Display

    Please note that your My Blackboard page will look somewhat different from the one above, since you will have a different list of courses and organizations in which you are involved.

  3. Among the list of "Courses you are teaching," click on the link for the course whose materials you want to copy to another Blackboard course.

  4. Within that "source" course, click on the Control Panel Icon icon on the left-hand side of the page.

  5. Click on the link for the content area that contains the documents or folder that you wish to copy. In the example below, we'll assume that you want to copy a folder (with all its documents) from the Course Materials section of the source course to the destination course:

    Course Materials Link

  6. Find the folder (or document) that you want to copy to the destination course, and click on the Copy button:

    Copy Folder or Document

  7. Blackboard will present you with a Copy or Move Item page. Click on the down arrow next to the Destination Course window (marked as number 1 in the figure below), and select the course to which you want to copy the content:

    Choose Destination Course

  8. Click on the Browse button to open up a window that will allow you to choose the location (in the destination course) where you want to copy the folder (or document):

    Click on Browse Button

  9. A Course Map will appear. Click on the area in the destination course where you want to copy your content. If your destination course uses sub-folders, you may need to click on the Plus Sign sign to display the sub-folders available in the destination course:

    Choose Destination Folder

  10. Blackboard will copy the destination you just selected into the Destination Folder window. Make sure that the Remove item after copy option is set to No (the default option), so that you don't delete the folder (or document) from its original course. Then click on the Submit button to send your changes to the server:

    Submit Copy Request

  11. Blackboard will respond that the "item was copied successfully." Click on the OK Button button to return to the content area from which you copied the item.

  12. If you want to copy another document or folder from the source to the destination course, follow steps 6 through 11 above. If the material to be copied is in a different part of the source course, click on the OK Button button to return to the Control Panel for the course, and follow steps 5 through 11 above. Otherwise, just click on that OK Button button to return to the Control Panel for your source course, or click on the My Blackboard Tab tab to return to the opening Blackboard page.


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