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SPECIES Sotalia fluviatilis

Author:Gervais and Deville, 1853.
Citation:In Gervais, Bull. Soc. Agric. Herault: 148.
Common Name:Tucuxi
Type Locality:Peru, Loreto, Rio Maranon above Pebas.
Distribution:Western Atlantic: coastal waters from Panama to Santos, São Paulo, Brazil: Amazon and Orinoco river systems. See Vidal (1990) and Borobia et al. (1991).
Status:CITES – Appendix I; IUCN – Data Deficient.
Comments:Due to the difficulty in finding the original work, the full citation is included here: Gervais, F. L. P. [and Deville]. 1853. Sur les mammiféres marins qui fréquentent les côtes de la France et plus particulìerement sur une novelle espéce de dauphins propre a la Méditerranés. Bulletin Sociéte Centrale d'Agriculture et des Comices Agricoles du Département de l'Herault, Montpellier, 40me année, pp. 140-155, 1 pl. Rice (1998:104) recognized S. f. guianensis (Guiane Dolphin) and Monteiro-Filho et al. (2002) suggested the use of S. guianensis for the marine dolphins and S. fluviatilis for the Amazonian dolphins. We are taking the conservative approach and only recognizing one specific name until the problem is resolved.
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    guianensis (Van Beneden, 1864)
    pallida (Gervais, 1855)
    tucuxi (Gray, 1856)

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