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SPECIES Sus celebensis

Author:Müller and Schlegel, 1843.
Citation:In Temminck, Verh. Nat. Gesch. Nederland. Overz. Bezitt., Zool.: pp. 172, 177 [1845]; pl. 28 bis [1843].
Common Name:Celebes Warty Pig
Type Locality:Indonesia, "Celebes"; the type is from "Célèbes, Ménado" (Sulawesi, Manado) according to Jentink (1892:193).
Distribution:Indonesia (Sulawesi and neighboring small islands; feral on Halmahera and Simaleue Isls; possibly feral on Flores Isl as floresianus (= heureni) and on Timor Isl as timoriensis).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:comments: Although this species is sometimes cited from "Müller, 1840. In Temminck, Verh. Nat. Gesch. Nederland. Overz. Bezitt., Zool., Zoogd. Indisch. Archipel., p. 42", it is not found on that page. A species distinct from S. verrucosus (Groves, 1981a). Sus timoriensis is a feral population of S. celebensis according to Groves (1981a), but a valid species according to Hardjasasmita (1987) and a synonym of S. scrofa according to Corbet and Hill (1992). Groves (1981a) regarded warty pigs from Flores as a feral population of S. celebensis but Hardjasasmita (1987) assigned them to a separate species, Sus heureni which was included with a query in the synonymy of S. celebensis by Corbet and Hill (1992). A prior name for S. heureni is Microsus floresianus Heude, 1899. Both floresianus and timoriensis are provisionally ranked here as subspecies.
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SUBSPECIES celebensis

SUBSPECIES floresianus

SUBSPECIES timoriensis


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