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SPECIES Phacochoerus aethiopicus

Author:Pallas, 1766.
Citation:Misc. Zool.: 16.
Common Name:Desert Warthog
Type Locality:"Promontoria Bona Spei advectus"; between Kaffraria and Great Namaqualand (South Africa, Eastern Cape Prov.), two hundred leagues from the Cape of Good Hope according to Vosmaer (1766).
Distribution:Formerly in Cape Provinces, South Africa (extinct since ca. 1870 - 1890); NE Africa in E Ethiopia, N Kenya, and Somalia (Grubb, 1993; d'Huart and Grubb, 2001).
Status:IUCN Extinct as P. a. aethiopicus, Vulnerable as P. a. delamerei, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:For distinctions from P. africanus, see Ewer (1957) and Grubb (1993).
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SUBSPECIES aethiopicus

SUBSPECIES delamerei


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