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SPECIES Rhinoceros sondaicus

Author:Desmarest, 1822.
Citation:Mammalogie, in Encycl. Meth., 2: 399.
Common Name:Javan Rhinoceros
Type Locality:"Sumatra" (Indonesia), later corrected to "Java" (Indonesia).
Distribution:Formerly Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and probably S China through peninsular Malaya to Sumatra and Java. Survives in Ujung Kulon (W Java) and in Vietnam; perhaps in small areas of Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.
Status:CITES Appendix I; U.S. ESA Endangered; IUCN Critically Endangered.
Comments:Revised by Groves (1967c). The type was said to have been obtained by Diard and Duvaucel who were thought to have collected together only on Sumatra, not Java (Sody, 1946) but Rookmaaker (1983) showed that Java is correctly the type locality.
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