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SPECIES Equus burchellii

Author:Gray, 1824.
Citation:Zool. J., 1: 247.
Common Name:Burchell's Zebra
Type Locality:"The flat parts near the Cape", now identified as South Africa, Northern Cape Prov., Kuruman Dist., Little Klibbolikhonni Fontein (Grubb, 1999:16).
Distribution:S and E Angola, N and E Botswana, SE Dem. Rep. Congo, Kenya, N Namibia, SE Sudan, SW Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, S Somalia, South Africa (N KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga Provs.; formerly more widespread, S to Orange River), Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
Status:IUCN Extinct as E. b. burchellii, Data Deficient as E. b. chapmani, E. b. crawshayi, and E. b. zambeziensis, Least Concern as E. b. antiquorum and E. b. boehmi.
Comments:Reviewed by Grubb (1981, Mammalian Species, 157). Species status controversial. A species separate from E. quagga; see Gentry (1975), Eisenmann and Turlot (1978), Bennett (1980), Klein and Cruz-Uribe (1999), and Eisenmann and Brink (2000). Many previous workers regarded quagga and burchellii as conspecific; see Rau (1978) and they were recently regarded as conspecific by Groves (1985b). Subspecies based on Ansell (1974a) and L. Schlawe and W. Wozniak (in litt., 1991). Equus wardi Ridgeway, 1910 is a hybrid between E. burchellii and E. zebra (Barnaby, 2001; Pocock, 1909b; Rzasnicki, 1938).
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SUBSPECIES burchellii

SUBSPECIES antiquorum


SUBSPECIES crawshaii

SUBSPECIES kaokensis

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