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FAMILY Otariidae

Author:Gray, 1825.
Citation:Ann. Philos., n.s., 10: 340.
Comments:Reviewed by Allen (1880, 1892), Repenning et al. (1971), Mitchell and Tedford (1973), King (1983), Berta and Deméré (1986), Barnes (1989) and Wynen et al. (2001). Does not include Odobenus, which was included in a monotypic subfamily (Odobeninae within Otariidae) by Mitchell and Tedford (1973), Tedford (1976), Hall (1981), Barnes (1989), and Wozencraft (1989a, b); however, see Wyss (1987) and Berta (1991). Berta and Deméré (1986) separated Arctocephalus and Callorhinus into the Arctocephalinae. Repenning et al. (1971), Repenning and Tedford (1977), and Wynen et al. (2001) argued against the recognition of subfamilies. Distributional information for species based on Rice (1998).
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GENUS Arctocephalus

SPECIES australis

SPECIES forsteri

SPECIES galapagoensis

SPECIES gazella

SPECIES philippii

SPECIES pusillus


SUBSPECIES doriferus

SPECIES townsendi

SPECIES tropicalis

GENUS Callorhinus

SPECIES ursinus

GENUS Eumetopias

SPECIES jubatus

GENUS Neophoca

SPECIES cinerea

GENUS Otaria

SPECIES flavescens

GENUS Phocarctos

SPECIES hookeri

GENUS Zalophus

SPECIES californianus

SPECIES japonicus

SPECIES wollebaeki


    Arctocephalina Gray, 1837
    Callorhinae Muizon, 1978
    Callorhinina Gray, 1869
    Eumetopiina Gray, 1869
    Gypsophocina Gray, 1874
    Otariadae Brookes, 1828
    Otariarina J. E. Gray, 1843
    Otarioidea Smirnov, 1908
    Ouliphocacae J. A. Allen, 1880
    Ouliphocinae J. A. Allen, 1870
    Trichiphocinae J. A. Allen, 1870
    Trichophocacae J. A. Allen, 1880
    Zalophina Gray, 1869

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