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SPECIES Tadarida teniotis

Author:Rafinesque, 1814.
Citation:Prícis Som.: 12.
Common Name:European Free-tailed Bat
Type Locality:Italy, Sicily.
Distribution:France, Spain, and Portugal south to Morocco and Algeria, east through Tunisia, Libya, Israel, Jordan, W Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan to W Bengal (India), Yunnan (China), and Flores (Indonesia); Madeira (Portugal) and Canary Isls (Spain).
Status:IUCN 2003 and IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001) – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:teniotis species group. Revised by Aellen (1966) and Kock and Nader (1984), although both included insignis in this complex as a subspecies. Does not include insignis; see Yoshiyuki (1989), Yoshiyuki et al. (1989), and Funakoshi and Kunisaki (2000). Does not include latouchei; see Kock (1999a), Funakoshi and Kunisaki (2000), and Helgen and Wilson (2002). May include coecata from Yunnan (China), here considered a synonym of insignis; see Kock (1999). A specimen from India seems clearly referable to teniotis, see Funakoshi and Kunisaki (2000), though also see Kock (1999a). Eastern-most records reviewed by Bates and Harrison (1997) and Helgen and Wilson (2002); Middle Eastern records reviewed by Harrison and Bates (1991); Palearctic forms reviewed by Horácek et al. (2000).
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