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GENUS Anourosorex

Author:Milne-Edwards, 1872.
Citation:Rech. Hist. Nat. Mamm.: 264.
Type Species:Anourosorex squamipes Milne-Edwards, 1872.
Comments:Sole living representative of Tribe Anourosoricini (see Reumer, 1998). Reumer (1984:17) placed the genus in the tribe Amblycoptini Kormos, 1926, but this was antedated by Anourosoricini Anderson, 1879. Geographic variation of extant species studied by Motokawa and Lin (2002) and Motokawa et al. (2004). The fossil history of the genus was reviewed by Zheng (1985) and Storch and Qiu (1991).
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SPECIES assamensis

SPECIES schmidi

SPECIES squamipes

SPECIES yamashinai


    Anaurosorex GŁnther, 1871
    Anurosorex Anderson, 1875
    Pygmura Anderson, 1873

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