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SPECIES Ochotona (Conothoa) roylei

Author:Ogilby, 1839.
Citation:Royle's Illus. Botany...Himalaya, 2: 69, pl. 4 [erroneously labeled "Lagomys alpinus"].
Common Name:Royle’s Pika
Type Locality:"Choor Mountain, Lat. 30. Elev. 11,500[ft]", [60 mi. (96 km) N of Saharanpur; 3505 m], Punjab, India.
Distribution:Himalayan Mtns in NW Pakistan and India to Nepal; adjacent Tibet (China).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Conothoa. Includes angdawai and mitchelli, but not forresti and himalayana, which are here provisionally considered distinct; see comments therein. O. hodgsoni Blyth, 1841 is traditionally placed here, but based on the original description it is a synonym of nubrica.
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