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SPECIES Millardia meltada

Author:Gray, 1837.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., [ser. 1], 1: 586.
Common Name:Common Metad
Type Locality:India, S Mahratta, Dharwar.
Distribution:Sri Lanka; Indian Peninsula west to Gujarat and Rajasthan, north to Himachal Pradesh, and east to West Bengal; E Pakistan; and Terai region of Nepal (Agrawal, 2000, Chakraborty and Agrawal, 2000; Corbet and Hill, 1992; Ellerman, 1961; Rana, 1985).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Cytogenetics of this species is the subject of a substantial body of literature (Nanda and Raman, 1981; Raman and Sharma, 1977; Sobti and Gill, 1984; Yosida, 1978a). Mandal and Ghosh (1981) described singuri as a subspecies of M. meltada. Subspecies formerly recognized in M. meltada (Ellerman, 1961) were based upon differences in fur coloration, but Agrawal (2000) noted the lack of significant geographic pattern in color variation as well as external and cranial dimensions among samples and treated the taxa as synonyms. Habitat and distribution on Abu Hill in the Aravalli Range in Rajasthan, India documented by Prakash et al. (1995a, 1995b), and in Gujarat State of NW India by Chakraborty and Agrawal (2000). Reviewed by Agrawal (2000).
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    comberi (Wroughton, 1907)
    dunni Thomas, 1917
    lanuginosus (Elliot, 1839)
    listoni (Wroughton, 1907)
    mettada (Wroughton, 1907)
    pallidior Ryley, 1914
    singuri Mandal and Ghosh, 1981

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