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GENUS Gerbillurus

Author:Shortridge, 1942.
Citation:Ann. S. Afr. Mus., 36(1): 52.
Type Species:Gerbillus vallinus Thomas, 1918.
Comments:Tribe Taterillini, Subtribe Gerbillurina. Sometimes included in Gerbillus (see references in Schlitter et al., 1984), but concordance of morphological, allozymic, and chromosomal data supports the monophyly of Gerbillurus and indicates its close relationship to the robusta group of Taterillus (Qumsiyeh et al., 1987, and references therein). Pavlinov (1987), Pavlinov et al. (1990), and Pavlinov (2001), however, considered Gerbillurus to be a sister-species of Desmodillus and to form a monophyletic tribe. Comparisons in thermal parameters, macro-and micro-environments, and interspecific aggression among four sympatric species of Gerbillurus were documented by Downs and Perrin (1989, 1990) and Dempster and Perrin (1990) in context of adaptive significance and phylogenetic relationships. Divergence in acoustic repertoire, ultrasonic vocalizations and associated behavior, and general behavior patterns among four species of Gerbillurus, one Gerbilliscus, and Desmodillus in different combinations provided by Dempster and Perrin (1991, 1994) and Dempster et al. (1991, 1992, 1993). Standard karyotypic data reported by Schlitter et al. (1984), a hypothesis of phylogenetic relationships among the four species, derived from chromosomal data, was advanced by Qumsiyeh et al. (1991), and chromosomal comparisons among southern African species of Gerbillurus, Gerbilliscus, and Desmodillus was documented by Qumsiyeh (1986). Reviewed by Davis (1975a). Gerbillurus is represented by samples from the late Pliocene of Namibia (Senut et al., 1992) and South Africa, and Holocene of East Africa (Denys, 1999).
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SUBGENUS Gerbillurus

SPECIES setzeri

SPECIES vallinus

SUBGENUS Paratatera

SPECIES tytonis

SUBGENUS Progerbillurus



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