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SPECIES Rhipidomys macrurus

Author:Gervais, 1855.
Citation:Expédition dans les parties centrales de l’Amerique dus Sud, Zoologie, Tome 1: 111.
Common Name:Long-tailed Rhipidomys
Type Locality:Brazil, Goiás State, Crixás.
Distribution:Gallery and semideciduous forests of the cerrado-caatinga biomes (Ceará southwestwards to E Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais), C Brazil.
Comments:R. leucodactylus section sensu Tribe (1996). Initially reassociated as a subspecies of R. venezuelae (Gyldenstolpe, 1932) and later of R. mastacalis (Cabrera, 1961; Musser and Carleton, 1993). Resurrected as a species by Tribe (1996), containing those populations with 2n = 44 and low fundamental numbers, 48-51 (Svartman and Almeida, 1993; Zanchin et al., 1992a). The high-FN specimens reported by Zanchin et al. (1992a) as the species cearanus were reidentified by Tribe (1996) as R. mastacalis.
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    cearanus Thomas, 1910

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