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SPECIES Neotoma (Teonoma) cinerea

Author:Ord, 1815.
Citation:In Guthrie, New Geogr., Hist., Comml., Grammar, Philadelphia, 2nd ed., 2: 292.
Common Name:Bushy-tailed Woodrat
Type Locality:USA, Montana, Cascade Co., Great Falls.
Distribution:SE Yukon and westernmost Northwest Territories, south through Alaskan Panhandle, British Columbia and W Alberta, Canada; in W USA, from Washington to W Dakotas as far south as EC California, S Nevada, N Arizona, and NW New Mexico.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Teonoma. Type species of Teonoma, conventionally acknowledged as a distinctive subgenus of Neotoma (e.g., Burt and Barkalow, 1942; Goldman, 1910; Hall, 1981; Hooper, 1960). Cladistically basal to all other species of Neotoma surveyed by Planz et al. (1996) and Edwards and Bradley (2002b); the latter authors discussed the possible generic elevation of Teonoma but demurred pending cladistic examination of N. (Teanopus) phenax. Late Quaternary changes in body size as correlated with temperature fluctuations documented by Smith et al. (1995). See Smith (1997, Mammalian Species, 564).
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    acraea (Elliot, 1904)
    alticola Hooper, 1940
    apicalis Elliot, 1903
    arizonae Merriam, 1893
    cinnamomea J. A. Allen, 1895
    columbiana Elliot, 1899
    drummondii (Richardson, 1828)
    fusca True, 1894
    grangeri J. A. Allen, 1894
    lucida Goldman, 1917
    macrodon Kelson, 1949
    occidentalis Baird, 1855
    orolestes Merriam, 1894
    pulla Hooper, 1940
    rupicola J. A. Allen, 1894
    saxamans Osgood, 1900

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