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SPECIES Dinaromys bogdanovi

Author:Martino, 1922.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 9, 9: 413.
Common Name:Balkan Snow Vole
Type Locality:W Serbia and Montenegro, Rijeka Prov., Montenegro, Cetinje.
Distribution:Isolated pockets in karst mountains, sea level to 2200 m, of W Balkans—Dinaric Alps in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo; and the Šara-Pindus Mtns of Macedonia; probably occurs in Albania and Greece.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Petrov (1992) and Mitchell-Jones et al. (1999) provided informative reviews. Zoogeographic aspects discussed by Petrov (1979); distribution in Montenegro and its zoological significance reported by Kryštufek and Vohralík (1992). Chromosomal data presented by Zima and Kral (1984a) and Zima et al. (1997a). Eight subspecies have been recognized, forming two groups that are distinguished by M1 patterns and genetic divergence (Mitchell-Jones et al., 1999); Kryštufek et al. (2000b) provided information on age determination and molar structure. The extant species is closely related to two Pleistocene species—D. dalmatinus from N Italy, Serbia and Montenegro, and S Greece (Petrov and Todorovic, 1982) and D. topachevskii from Uzbekistan (Nesin and Skorik, 1989)—and to the late Pliocene D. allegranzii from NE Italy (Sala, 1996). Middle Pleistocene fossils of D. bogdanovi in N Italy (Zanalda, 1994) underscore the relictual character of the modern range.
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    coeruleus Miric, 1960
    grebenscikovi (Martino, 1935)
    korabensis (Martino, 1937)
    longipedis Dulic and Vidimic, 1967
    marakovici (Bolkay, 1924)
    preniensis (Martino, 1940)
    trebevicensis Gligic, 1959

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