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SPECIES Steatomys cuppedius

Author:Thomas and Hinton, 1920.
Citation:Novit. Zool., 27: 318.
Common Name:Dainty African Fat Mouse
Type Locality:Nigeria, Farniso (= Panisau), near Kano, 1700 ft (518 m).
Distribution:West Africa, in Senegal (Duplantier and Granjon, 1992), NC Nigeria, and SC Niger; range unresolved.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:Revised by Swanepoel and Schlitter (1978), who regarded cuppedius as a distinct species, as did Rosevear (1969), not a member of S. parvus as per Coetzee (1977a). Thomas and Hinton (1923a) thought the holotype of aquilo from EC Sudan was related to S. cuppedius. Whether West African cuppedius represents a separate species or segment of the widely ranging S. parvus has yet to be resolved. Specimens identified as S. cuppedius from SE Ghana by Yeboah (1982-1988) are examples of Uranomys ruddi (Grubb et al., 1998:189).
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