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SPECIES Dendromus messorius

Author:Thomas, 1903.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 7, 12: 340.
Common Name:Banana African Climbing Mouse
Type Locality:Cameroon, Efulen.
Distribution:Tropical lowlands and lower mountain slopes, from Ghana (Grubb et al., 1998) through Benin (USNM 422451), Nigeria (USNM 410307), and Cameroon (series in AMNH and MCZ), to N Dem. Rep. Congo (series in AMNH and USNM) and extreme S Sudan (Torit region; USNM 299833, 299834); southwards to NW (USNM 165270) and W Uganda (Ruwenzori Mtns; series in AMNH and MCZ), W Kenya near Lake Victoria (USNM series) and Mt Elgon (holotype of ruddi; MCZ specimens; Clausnitzer and Kityo, 2001); limits unresolved (Dieterlen, 1971).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Treated as part of D. mystacalis by Misonne (1974), but regarded as a separate species by Hatt (1940) and Dieterlen (1971), who pointed out its sympatric occurrence with D. mystacalis. Morphology and pelage coloration similar to D. mystacalis, but body size larger, middorsal stripe absent (present but indistinct in some D. mystacalis, absent in many), and underparts white (white to buffy gray in D. mystacalis). Both species may be phylogenetically close to southern African D. mesomelas. Hatt (1940) and Rosevear (1969) provided excellent descriptions of morphology and habits.
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    haymani Hatt, 1934
    kumasi Bohmann, 1939
    ruddi Wroughton, 1910

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