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GENUS Sicista

Author:Gray, 1827.
Citation:In Griffith et al., Anim. Kingdom, 5: 228.
Type Species:Mus subtilis Pallas, 1773.
Comments:Reviewed by Ognev (1963b). Karyological research and systematic problems in the genus reviewed by Sokolov et al. (1987b). Several species in the S. concolor complex (S. armenica, S. caucasica, S. caudata, S. kazbegica, S. kluchorica, S. tianshanica) have been distinguished by Sokolov and colleagues primarily by karyotypic and spermatozoal differences (Baskevich, 1996a, provides the most current summary of the morphological, chromosomal, and spermatozoal traits used to distinguish these species). All these species are provisionally recognized here, but need further documentation and corroborative data sets to firmly establish their specific status. Diagnoses, characteristics, distribution, geographical variation, ecology, and economic importance of species in Russia and adjacent regions extensively reviewed by Shenbrot et al. (1995). Myology, in context of adaptive and phylogenetic significance, studied by Klingener (1964) and Stein (1990). Comparative myology of pelvic girdle studied by Fokin (1971). European late Pliocene and Pleistocene records of Sicista reviewed by Kowalski (2001). For synonyms see Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951).
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SPECIES armenica

SPECIES betulina

SPECIES caucasica

SPECIES caudata

SPECIES concolor

SPECIES kazbegica

SPECIES kluchorica

SPECIES napaea

SPECIES pseudonapaea

SPECIES severtzovi

SPECIES strandi

SPECIES subtilis

SPECIES tianshanica


    Clonomys Thilesius, 1850
    Sminthus Nordmann, 1840

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